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Disenfranchised 2012

I’ve never been particularly gifted in political sciences and the studies of government, but I can certainly say that Mrs. Ford from Prince George High School did a darn good job making sure I walked away with enough sense to hold my own in simple political discussions.

For example, separation of church and state… PEOPLE GET THIS WRONG ALLLLL THE TIME! The founders of our nation agreed that no church or religious body should control the government. Does this mean that we should not vote according to God’s principles? No! Does this mean the church has no say so? Absolutely not! Does this mean I should stop blogging with my radical Christian values in an effort not to tick you off? Not even close!

I remember a chart in my textbook. It depicted flags of various democratic-ish nations around the world and showed that MOST countries, particularly those in Europe, have multiple political parties. I wondered if those people had a stronger sense of belonging to their nation than those of us who are locked into bipartisanship. I wondered if more people voted in those countries. I wondered if they had a greater sense of pride in what their nation had become over time. Did the young voters in those nations feel marginalized and powerless? Or were there votes heard loud and clear? Who represented them?

I was only 18 when I had these questions. I never sought them out, but I never forgot them either. I voted for the first time that year. Bush Baby vs. Gore… I voted the way my mother told me to vote even though I disagreed strongly with her. I had to repent. Last election, again, I had to repent. These things are never easy.

And here I am, twelve years later, having the same thoughts, the same questions, wondering what the heck to do. Many believers are sitting on the sidelines undecided. Others still have made their choice and argued it down to the ground with nary a consideration of what God would have for us. This hurts my heart.

Let’s look at our options.

On one hand we have this charming, charismatic incredible leader. He’s gifted in many ways, but his policies are far from Biblically-based. He promises to take care of the poor, but with the opposing party in its place with their financial means, I don’t think Mr. President has that much power to make many changes at all. Not to mention he has ties to the leaders of the faith that is most well-known for having rigid, religious government structures. Isn’t that anti-separation-church-and-state? This man is not Moses. He is not our deliverer. I am proud of him, and I love him. I swoon when I see him, but I cannot vote for him.

On the other hand we have a character who is so far out of touch with reality, I can’t imagine how he plans to implement any of his policies. Though this party has SOME Biblical principles in place, others do not demonstrate the heart or love of God. Not to mention, this man is NOT a Christian. I’m not saying I feel a Christian should always be in office (I do think it’s nice), but surely whatever religious convictions, ties, controls he has will affect our nation for good or bad. Again, if you want to see separation of church and state go, put an extremely religious person in office and watch them fill their cabinet with like-minded, surly advisors. We will all be screwed.

I can’t help but think that we’re trapped. I’m reminded of the times when Christ was on earth and the Pharisees and Saducees controlled the government. These two parties had something of a common goal but starkly opposing views. They forced people to abandon their own convictions for the sake of choosing a side for THE PARTY’S benefit. Jesus called them “a brood of vipers.” Are these two parties in our nation not operating the same way? How dare you claim rights to me because of my color? How dare you assume that I’ll owe you my vote with your Christian-ish principles? I am thankful for those who died for my right to vote, but their lives do not supersede the death, life, and resurrection of my Savior. Should the two conflict, I choose Christ.

I have come to five conclusions regarding election 2012.

  • Neither person has the ability to really change the quality of life for Americans. It’s a good thing God is my source.
  • With either person in office, there will be stronger religious influences from faiths opposing Christianity, and thus our Constitution, in place. So unless we activate our voting rights WITH our faith leading our choices, we will lose the very thing  we’re trying to protect. Say goodbye to the Bill of Rights, folks.
  • There is no lesser of two evils, and there is no scapegoat. The first person who comments on this post will be written into my ballot should I choose to go to the polls.
  • Roseanne Barr needs to have a seat. But I thank her for the hearty laugh. You are truly a gifted comedienne.
  • I don’t want to have to repent for choosing the wrong candidate, and since they’re both wrong for me…

I am a Black American Christian female, and I am disenfranchised in 2012. What’s next, America?


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  • Rob Hughes

    Even tho I disagree… Who cares! Rob Hughes 2012!