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Love Your Wives: We’re Not THAT Complicated

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The morning after I posted “Love Your Husbands” I received an email from one of my close writer friends. He commented that he was interested to see what I’d come up with for the men. I responded saying that the men’s list would be much shorter and simpler.

His actual reply…. “So women’s needs are less complex (looking outside to see if it’s snowing Smile)?

At the risk of folk laughing me off Twitter, Facebook, and my own website I’m going to say YES… and NO! Shoot… I don’t really know. I just had to sucker you in to reading this post.

What I can say with CERTAINTY is that most menfolk are not about to read and implement 21 different things to do for their women… It’s just not part of a man’s make up. And to be perfectly honest, if you can do a few simple things in addition to being a provider, protector, and priest of the home, we’re good to go.

If your heart is right towards your wife, then the actions will follow. Keep in mind that the Bible warns against menfolk mistreating their beloveds. God explicitly says He will not hear your prayers.

In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together.
She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God’s gift of new life.
Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered. 1 Peter 3:7


Having said that , here are five things you can do to show your wife (or maybe wife-to-be) that you do really love her. Many women know they’re loved in word, but not so much in deed.

  1. Train your eyes to be only for her. I made the heavy-hitter number one on this list. Men, you’ve got to understand that no matter how strong and secure your woman is she will never be ok with you looking (and lusting) after another. That goes for real life, social media, television, websites, porn, MMS’s, Instagram, imaginative SMS’s. Some of the things that I see posted by married/engaged men are downright disrespectful. (But if your woman is cool with it, who am I to pretend like it’s not acceptable?) While you may go home to her, another woman’s image is in your head. And scripturally-speaking, that’s adultery (Matthew 5:28). Love your queen enough to divert your eyes when you see “trouble” from afar. And when she says to you “Did you see what that woman had on?” you can honestly reply “What woman?” There is a great reward for the man who can grasp and practice this concept.
  2. Respect her feelings. We know that you’re logical by nature, and we tend to be a little more feel-y. Despite what you may think, our feelings are just as relevant as your reasonings. Have you ever come home late after promising to be on time? You had the best, most logical response planned, but it just wasn’t enough to calm her. No? Man, please… you don’t have to lie to me! Let’s really be logical. If you know something you want to do will bother her, don’t do it. One thousand reasons isn’t enough to explain why you caused hurt when the situation could have been easily avoided. Honesty means next to nothing, and you’ll have to endure more than just a argument if you continue. The flip side to that is that you may feel you’re losing out and it’s unfair to you. But you promised to lay down your life, and again, there’s a reward for being considerate and kind to your bride.
  3. Try something new. I say this jokingly, but on a serious note, stop doing the same wrong thing over and over and over and over. Sorry doesn’t mean anything after the umpteenth time. If you’re going to slip up, please do so in a different and very minimal way, i.e. not replace the toilet paper roll.
  4. Unlock your phone. This right here could rival number 1. Trust is a major issue in relationships. If you are, in fact, living a life according to God’s statutes there is no reason for your phone and email to be kept private from your spouse. You’re trusting that person with your body and soul, and so it is their obligation and responsibility to cover you in those areas. If you can’t submit to that, then perhaps some fasting and separation is in order. I realize this requires a serious heart change for some, but truly, what do you have to hide? It’s going to come to light anyway.
  5. Clean her car, and make love to her. This is a two-fer. Something about a man taking care of domestic things that we ourselves are too busy to do ignites the passion in a woman. I have a friend who often comments on the reward her husband gets after taking care of the family’s dishes. Don’t complain about not getting enough if you aren’t willing to help out around the house or with the children. It really can be that simple.

So gentleman, might I suggest you choose any one item from this list and test it out. See what happens when your queen notices a change in you, and trust me, SHE WILL NOTICE!

Ladies, let me stress this to you!! Do NOT send this to your man in hopes of proving anything without first sending the “Love Your Husbands” article. Let him see that you are wiling to make some changes for his benefit before requesting he do the same for you. I might even suggest allowing him to pick a few items with which you can start. It’s alright to be transparent because none of these techniques work by magic. If he knows you’re overlooking a snide remark because you want better and not because you neeeeeed him… you can figure out the rest.


What does your wife need most?
Your time? Affection? A greater demonstration of your commitment to her?
Which of these items could you implement first? 

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With love, sincerity, and hope for your marriage,




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  • The more I clean and take care of things, the better things are for me. It’s an amazing thing. But with that unlocking of the phone……ok, she has my passwords, but I digress.

    I think my wife needs to know that I will be here for the family, I am so busy with appointments and knowing that family is first is key.

  • Moan

    I don’t really believe there’s ANY reason to exchange passwords. What do you need to see in my e-mail or social networks!? NOTHING! If you do, then ‘trust’ is a separate issue. I’m not married and my gf has her phone locked. She gave me the password, but I will NEVER use it! For what!? If I suspect something….she will be confronted. I will never go through her phone!

    • Hey Moan,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that when couples are in a relationship outside of marriage, it may not be necessary or even appropriate. But as Christians, WE KNOW that the enemy is going to attack marriages ANY way he can. This may not be right for your relationship, but for those who are married and struggle with this daily, unlocking the phone is a simple solution. After all you do share bodies and souls. And trust isn’t given. It’s earned…

      Just my opinion…

      • Moan

        Okay, I will agree with that….”…for those who are married and struggle with this daily”. Good blog as usual 🙂

        • Thanks! I’m hoping you’ll share! And tell your honey I said hi. She’s one of my favorite tweeps. 🙂

          • MOan

            Will do

  • Stephanie

    Really? The article for the husband has 5 things to do for your wife and the other has 21 to do for your husband? I read that and felt like I stepped back 40 years!! All sounds a little sexist to me.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for posting. Did you read the other article fully? I commented that women, being the multi-taskers that we are, can handle many items though not ALL of them should be used at the same time. I’m sorry you feel this way, but I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Several have contacted me saying that these little tips have helped them already, so…

      If the shoe fits wear it. If it’s too tight, take it off.


      P. S. One of my coworkers read the women’s list, and decided to send me a list for men. It had exactly five items on it.

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