One year ago I decided to venture to a place of sanity and peace from the desolation and disappointment my soul knew as home. So began a season of journaling and contemplating my every life decision as if I’d be required to write about them all. Twenty-four posts later, I’ve learned three things about myself. One… I was good at making bad decisions. Two… I’m better at making sense of my former nonsense through thoughtfulness and transparency. And three… I’m on the other side of the kraziness now.

Writing, for me, is an avenue of expression. It’s how I tell my story. It’s how I reconcile to myself that all the hell I’ve been through was truly worth it. Writing is my way of bringing beauty to something unseemly, indigestible, and intolerable. You won’t want to believe some of what I’m going to share. But I must share it anyway.

In Coming Out of Krazy, I was embarrassed, ashamed, fearing your impending judgment as if you had a Heaven or Hell to put me in… pssshhh!

In Considering the Lily, I am confident, unashamed, believing and hoping that what I write will make a difference in you and your loved ones. All my old posts have been carried over, and the tone will remain the same. You will find that…

  • I believe in Christ and all my writings are centered around His principles.
  • I believe in love which compels me to tell the truth. I want to see people made free.
  • I believe in rest. There is no need to toil or spin. We must simply be who we are called and everything we need is provided.

It is my sincere hope that you will become a follower via RSS subscription. With this new format, I’m hoping that my readers will engage in conversation with me and other readers. We have so much to talk about, and we truly need each other to make it to the next level.


With love, sincerity, and hope for your future,