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You should send the children to their fathers. You’re going to be in a wheelchair in a few weeks, and I’m going to kill you by October.

Those are the words the devil whispered to me just two weeks ago. I’ve been having significant physical challenges since February, but this October will mark one year since the struggle began. The old deluder satan gave me my death sentence, and I almost accepted it…

Where I’m from whenever someone tells of an unfortunate occurrence, another person shouts “The devil IS a lie!” Yes, I know we should say liar but where’s the flair in that? The truth of the matter is that the devil DOES lie, so why is it so tempting to believe his poisonous words?

The word lie implies that what was spoken is completely untrue, and because there is often some air of truth to what is said, we become tempted to wholly agree. For example, I was in significant pain, nearly helpless, and becoming worse by the day. It was plausible that I could die in a few months if not for the Lord’s mercy. The logical thing to do would be to send the big kids with their dad, and my baby with hers. I had to decide whether I wanted to agree with a plausible half-truth, or the truth of the Word of God. It’s a good thing my faith in the Lord speaks louder than logic!

The Bible provides several descriptions of satan’s character that help us understand exactly what to do with him when he starts running his filthy mouth. Let’s look at the different ways he lies to God’s children (2 Corinthians 2:11).

As a deceiver… When the serpent told Woman “If you eat this fruit, you will be like God” he was telling her a fact. But facts are often void of truth. She would be like God in that she would know good and evil, but God never intended for us to know evil, much less have to discern the difference between the two. The devil deceived Woman by giving her a fact and spinning it in a way that would appeal to her senses… “It looks good so it must taste good so it must be good.” Whenever the devil tells you something that appeals to your five senses, I guarantee there is a deception attached. Stop, and let the Holy Spirit (not your feelings or your heart) lead you. (Galatians 5:16)

As a beguiler… The devil operates as a beguiler when he uses charm to entice a person to agree in order to take something away and to corrupt (Colossians 2:18). Beguilers look good, smell good, and have the very thing you want, but they are deeply entrenched in their own lies. In 2017 terms, they are catfish. Beguilers are trained to pick off the innocent and unstable (2 Peter 2:14).

As a deluder… The devil operates as a deluder when he uses your own blind spots (maybe pride or ignorance) to trick you into doing something that is irrational or believing something that is unrealistic. When I think of a deluder I think of someone selling snake oil or adjusting the odometer of a used car. Deluders operate by leaving out important information. Deluders conspire. When you come out of the delusion, you say to yourself “What in the world was I thinking?” You have power against deluders by staying full of God’s Word. Those who are deluded, by definition, have made a choice to believe what is unreasonable and unlikely.  Isaiah 44:20 says “This kind of man feeds on ashes and is satisfied; A deceived mind has led him astray, so that he cannot save himself or ask ‘Is this thing that I am holding in my right hand not a lie?'” MIND. BLOWING.

As a mocker… Mocking is a tool the enemy uses to make a person feel insignificant. “You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re unworthy of love. No one likes you anyway.” I once had a dream that someone close to me was bad-mouthing me in a public setting. I had another dream immediately following where I saw a monkey hanging over my bed laughing at me. Mockery is a tool the enemy uses to beat you down emotionally. You have to cut it off quickly and even shout “SHUT UP!” and counter the mocking by saying the opposite of what he said. If he says you’re ugly, you shout “Shut up, devil! God made me beautiful!” Depression and anxiety soon follow if you are not diligent to cut off these types of lies. (Proverbs 23:7)

As a trickster… The devil uses trickery by getting you to agree to a set of terms then changing up the game. Guess who loses? Not him. Anytime you can get something quickly by doing this, that, or the other, KNOW that it will cost you far more than you’re willing to pay. Think Jacob and Laban (Genesis 30:25-43). Be careful of contracts and agreements that offer promotion. Only God promotes, and He does so by our obedience. (Psalm 75:6-7)

As a tempter… The devil works as a tempter when he entices you to believe that a sinful act is acceptable under certain conditions. It is just a small matter and easily forgivable by God when a tear-trenched prayer is offered. (Ah. I’m stepping on my own toes here.) But the same devil that tells you it’s a small matter to get you to do it will condemn you afterwards by taunting “How could you do something so big and awful!” The tempter becomes the accuser. The tempter becomes the accuser. The tempter becomes the accuser. (Did you get that?) How do you get free from the lies of temptation? Do what Jesus did in Matthew 4. Speak the Word of God and act in obedience.

No matter HOW he lies, YOU must be quick to catch it and cast it down in Jesus’ name. If you believe the lie, you empower the liar. Don’t even mentally assent to the words of the devil. Immediately reject them!

Here’s what the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the devil and his lying. And before I say this I want you to picture Oprah standing on her stage and shouting “AND YOU GET A CAR! EVERYONE GETS A CAR!” That’s how excited I am about this revelation.

It’s not so much that he is a liar (even though he is)…







OK, I’m done here. I’ve preached myself happy.

With love, sincerity, and hope for your future,