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You are a spirit. You have a soul. You live in a body.

The spirit is saved immediately when a believer accepts Christ as Lord and Savior. The soul is saved continuously and progressively through the reading of the Word of God. The body is temporary housing that should be honored as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

This post is particularly about the space where the enemy loves to taunt believers because it is hidden to the eye. Your mind, which is a component of your soul, is a brilliant processor of thoughts, emotions, and information. We are so inundated with thoughts that we may not consider their source. Not every thought that enters your mind is from you.

So how do you sort through sudden feelings of heaviness? What do you do when, out of no where, you begin to ponder the shameful what-if’s with so-and-so? How do you manage the urge to tell all of what’s on your mind knowing its best to keep your peace? How do you resist when heaviness tries to sit on you and cause you to worry?

James 4:7 gives a simple answer to manage our mental state. Let’s look at the scripture in pieces.

  1. Submit yourself God. Continually reading and meditating on the Word of God is the greatest weapon you have to protect your mind. When you’re full of the Word, it’s easier to obey and follow the leading of His spirit. Any area where you are not submitted, you are game for a full on mental attack.  The enemy loves to send depression and anxiety to unsubmitted believers.
  2. Resist the devil. I was walking to my kitchen one day and heard the thought “Ew, no one is going to want you.” Immediately I rebuked the devil and cast that thought down (2 Corinthians 10:4). In times past, I would have mulled it over in my mind and punished myself. The faster you resist, the easier it will be to overcome. If you toy with a thought or temptation, then it runs the risk of becoming sin. Now HOW should you resist? Quote the Scripture OUT LOUD. That means you need to be armed with Scriptures that pertain to your areas of weakness so you are ready when the temptation comes.
  3. Watch him flee.  When Jesus confronted satan with the truth in the wilderness, the enemy left him. He will come back to taunt you again, but be armed with the Word and do not succumb to his ploy to wear you out.

If you take on the wrong thoughts, you will believe them. If you believe them, you will speak them. If you speak them, you will be defeated.

Submit! Resist! Overcome!

With love, sincerity, and hope for your future,